Michigan Harp Center

                                         89 West Fourteen Mile Road      Clawson, MI  48017

                                     248-288-4277           michiganharpcenter@gmail.com

                                                 Monday & Wednesday  noon - 5pm

                                                       Tuesday & Thursday           noon - 7pm

                                                 Friday, Saturday, & Sunday by appointment



Welcome to the Michigan Harp Center.  We have harps to rent or purchase for students of all ages and abilities.   If you need a professional harpist for your special occasion,  Ms Kelly Yousoufian,owner and teacher is available.    Please see links for more details.



10% off  instructional books through September 30





Visited StoneyEnd harps and brought back some harps!

1. Double Strung Lorraine in walnut with full Truitt levers.

2. Double Strung Lorraine in cherry with no levers. (Levers may be added.)  

3.  Esabelle chromatic 6/6  lap harp.  

4.  Esabell chromatic 5/7 lap harp.  


Pictures  of harps to be put up soon.