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Salvi Delta Harp - New Model

Salvi Delta harp is here! From Salvi - DELTA is a solid body 29-string plug-in-and-play instrument, which we consider a crossover instrument rather than a harp. The sound of DELTA has an extended bass range, its strings run over a bridge offering playing techniques like pitch bending and slides. It is compatible with any kind of effects processors, and can join – or replace - an electric guitar or a bass guitar in a rock/pop band. Length: 116 cm ( 45.5”) Weight: 6,5 kg (14.3 lbs) The price is $4,400 and includes 2-year warranty, tuning key, a small pyramidal base and gig bag. A tall stand and a flight case will be available for purchase separately. Audio jack/cable is not included. Tall stand is additional $549. You can see a video demonstration here: