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Michigan Harp Center

89 West Fourteen Mile

Clawson, MI  48017  USA


phone: 248 - 288 - 4277 (HARP) 



 Store is open by appointment.  Please email:   michiganharpcenter@gmail.com

Of course, you might catch me in, in which case, feel free to knock on the door.


At some point, we will get back to regular hours.  For now, don't worry about it.  Appointments can also be made in mornings and evenings.

Regular hours

Monday & Wednesday   noon - 5pm    

Tuesday & Thursday      noon - 7pm

Beyond regular hours -  by appointment


If you would like to sign up for announcements, please email:   michiganharpcenter@gmail.com

News such as:

1. New publications

2.  New products

3.  Concerts & Workshops

4.  Sales and Promotions





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