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Eleanor Fell

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Puff (The Magic Dragon)    Lever/Pedal  by Peter yarrow and Lenny Lipton
Price: $5.50
Satin Doll by Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer, and Billy Strayhorn
Price:  $7.00
Tea For Two    by    Vincent Youmans
Price:  $7.00

Popular Classics Collection Book 1 Pop 'n Easy  Lever/pedal

Price $12.00

La Donna E Mobile (from the opera Rigoletto),  Lullaby  (Brahms),  Melody (from Sonata in A - Mozart),   Minuet In G (Paderewski), Ode To Joy  (from Symphony No. 9 -  Beethoven),  Skaters Waltz  (Waldteufel),  Valse Brilante  (Chopin),  Strauss Waltz Medley  (Strauss)