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                     Michigan Harp Center

                                         89 West Fourteen Mile Road      Clawson, MI  48017




Store is open by appointment.

At some point, we will get back to regular hours.

                                                                                                         Monday & Wednesday  noon - 5pm

                                                                                                         Tuesday & Thursday           noon - 7pm

                                                                                                    Friday, Saturday, & Sunday by appointment



If you would like to sign up for announcements, please email:   michiganharpcenter@gmail.com      

News such as: New publications, New products, Concerts & Workshops,  Sales and Promotions.


Make your appointment to come play the new Lyon & Healy Drake 34 string lever harp!  More info on Floor Harp Page.        email: michiganharpcenter@gmail.com




Some of the rental harps available to Michigan residents.   Lyon & Healy Trouadours, Triplett Celtic II, StoneyEnd Lorraine and Anne







We had a great time showing and talking about historical harps for Michigan State University Harp Day 2020. Everyone liked it so much that we are slowly putting pictures harp on the new Historical Harps page.   Just click harps in the upper left corner  


Photo of historic harp from the Michigan Harp Center



Welcome to the Michigan Harp Center.  We have harps to rent or purchase for students of all ages and abilities.   If you need a professional harpist for your special occasion,  Ms Kelly Yousoufian,owner and teacher is available.    Please see links for more details. 


 harps now on website:



-  34 string New Model Lyon & Healy Drake harp. Light tension.  

The Drake is strung with the new-to-market BioCarbon® Strings, made using a blend of a recently discovered bio-plastic derived from sugar-cane; the sound of these strings delivers a powerful tone that provides superior acoustic projection and sustain.







-  37 string pre-owned William Webster Thistle harp with a warranty!

-  40 string Salvi Daphne pedal harp.  pre-owned. consignment

-  44 string Wurlitzer pedal harp.  pre-owned.  consignment

-   Markwood 36 string harp pre-owned.   consignment

- pre- owned Camac Baby Blue Electric lap harp with tri-pod.

- pre-owned Argent Fox 38 string Lady Emily with truitt levers


Some gift item ideas:

Sutton Hoo Lyre   $545    walnut lyre at Michigan Harp in Clawson,

maple Sutton Hoo Lyre  located at Apollo's Lyre in Grayling   

picture up soon