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Aiga Helmer

Four Books Available from Aiga Helmer

Book 1     Blazing Sunset

Book 2     40 Easy Pieces for Harp
Book 3     36 Original Compositions for Harp or Piano
Book 4      50 Short Pieces for all Harps                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



Book 1    Blazing Sunset   Original compositions by Aiga Helmer.     Includes chords. This collection of 32 short pieces for all kinds of harps or for piano should be played just as you like: slow or fast. No fingering is provided and very few articulation or expression signs. Just be creative with the pieces. The additional chord symbols give you the opportunity to play as a Duo with another chordal instrument (like guitar). You may also choose to use your own LH accompaniment style within the frame of the chord when playing the piece a second time or even in the repeats. As another variation, you may enjoy accompanying a flutist playing the main melody with just the chords on the harp. $17


Level:   Intermediate and lower intermediate.  Lever or Pedal Harp    Keys:  E flat, C, and G


Table of Contents  :Anniversary Dance, Autumn Morning, Birthday Landler,  Blazing Sunset, Dance Study # 3 , Dance Study # 4. Dartford Polka, El Nino, Fly Away,Glass Harp,Group Dance, Harp Waltz   # 2, In Nomine, Lament in C Minor, Landler   # 4, Latin Dance  # 2,          Memorial for Elmar ,Minuet  # 3, Misty Morning,  My Delight, Pastorale, Processional in F,  Processional in G, Rambling, Shooting Stars, Rheinlander Dance,  Silvalein,  Study  # 4, Thunderstorm,  Under the Catalpa Tree, Waltz for Anika               


Processional in F

 Book 2  40 Easy Pieces for Harp  Original compositions by Aiga Helmer.  
Includes chords. This collection of 40 relatively easy melodies, composed or arranged for all kinds of harps or for piano can be played just as you like:  slow or fast.  No fingering is provided.  Just be creative with the pieces.  The additional chord symbols in big lettering give you the opportunity to be accompanied by another chorded instrument like guitar.  You may also choose to use the chords with your own LH accompaniment either in repeats or while accompanying a flutist playing the melody. 
Beginner - lower intermediate
Table of Contents:  Allgauer Peasant Dance, Andante #3, Anika, Blue Bells, Bunt sind schon die Walder, Contredance in G Major, Dance of the Bride, Dancing Autumn Leaves, Dreaming by the Sea, Elegy in G Minor, Evening Song, Festive Minuet, For You, Harp Waltz #3, Joy of Life, Lament in C Minor, Land of the Silver Birch, Little Serenade, Luna Llena, March #3 or Processional, Minuet #13, Minuet #6 + Processional, Menuett #6, Nachtigall (Nightingale), Night Breezes, Pastorella in Bb Major, Polonaise #5 (Processional), Polonaise #4, Polonaise #6, Promise, Rhydian, Salamanca, Silver Clouds, Solstice, Sword Dance, Thalhamer Andante, Variations on 17th c. Minuet, Waltizing with You, Wedding - Minuet, Wedding - Polonaise.   $17


Harp Waltz #3


   Book 3     36 Original Compositions for Harp or Piano 

Level - Intermediate

You might want to combine some pieces to create little Suites.  Some examples: Allemande + Little Fairies + part of Allemande again, or Sonata #2 + Slow Waltz + Ländler #10 or Sonatina #3 + Enchanted Harp. ( Most are on one page, therefore easy to combine.) Chord symbols  included.

Table of Contents:  Nocturne # 2 in F, Nocturne # 1 in Am, Allemande # 4 in F, Olivia in Cm, Allemande # 4 in G, Olivia in Bm +D, Ariane in Eb Oriana in Am, Ariane in G Reel # 2 in Bm+D, Arpeggio-Heaven in Bb Rheinländer # 3 in F+Bb, Arpeggio-Heaven in C Slow Waltz in C, Aurelia in C Sonatina # 2 in C+G, Aurora in Eb Sonatina # 3 in Bb+F, Aurora in G Sonatina # 3 in C+G, Blue Shadows in Cm Study # 7 in Am+E,Blue Shadows in Em Verena in Am, Butterflies in C Vöglein i.hohen Baum in C, Carolyn in G, Wedding Process. #3 in C+G, Cynthia in Bb, Cynthia in D, Dolores in C, Enchanted Harp in Bb, Enchanted Harp in C, For your Birthday in C+F, Glissening Waves in F, Gothic Cathedral in Cm, Gothic Cathedral in Em, Juanita in G, Ländler # 8 in G, Ländler # 9 in G, Latin Dance # 4 in Am, Ländler # 10 in C+F, Liane in C, Little Fairies in F, Maypole Dance #1 in C+F, Minuet # 10 in D, Minuet # 11     in C+F    $17

Book 4      50 Short Pieces for all Harps
Chords included. 
Suggestions to combine pieces for a Suite:  Walking in the Woods with Minerva and Ode to Spring or Margareta plus Menuett #11 and Menuett #8.
Contents:  Aiga's Landler #3, Allemande #5, Amelia, Carmencita, Castle Ruins, Catalina, Cecilia, Dance of the Water Nymphs, Dance Study #5, Dancing on the Rainbow, Dancing till Midnight, Daydreaming, Dewdrops, Elegy for a Loved One, Euterpe, Fata Morgana, Fortuna Giannina, Harvest Moon, Jubilate, Landler #14, Landler #15, Lucia, Lucinda, Margareta, Martina, Menuett #8, Menuett #11, Minerva (Processional), Miranda, Moonlit Night (+Bells), Nightfall, Nocturne #6, Nocturne #7, Ode to Spring, Paloma, Processional #7, Ramona, Rondo #3, Schottischer (Dance) Serenade #3, Serenade #4, Snow Flakes, Songof Sorrow, Sunset, Tatiana, Triplet - Serenade, Valery, Walking through the Woods   $18


Rheinlander from 36 Compositions

Carmencita in 50 Short Pieces for All Harps