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Click on the link to take you to the video with first page of music and sound.   

Arrangements for pedal harp by Chuck Bird and Susan Peters.


A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE arr. for pedal harp by Chuck Bird & Susan Peters  https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/a-closer-walk-with-thee.html  $7

AMAZING GRACE pedal harp https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/amazing-grace.html   $7

AMERICA  (MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE)  pedal harp  https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/america-my-country-tis-of.html   $7

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL pedal harp  https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/america-the-beautiful.html  $7

AVE MARIA     pedal harp          https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/ave-maria.html  $7

BATTLE HYMN pedal harp  https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/battle-hymn.html  $7

CANON IN D  pedal harp  https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/canon-in-d.html  $7

CHRISTMAS CAROL MEDLEY NO. 1 pedal harp https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/christmas-carol-medley-1.html   $7

GREENSLEEVES   pedal harp   https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/greensleeves.html    $7

HOW GREAT THOU ART pedal harp https://www.michiganharpcenter.citymax.com/how-great-thou-art.html    $7

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME pedal harp https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/take-me-out-to-the-ball-g.html  $7

THE OLD RUGGED CROSS   pedal harp   https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/the-old-rugged-cross.html    $7





Working on this page.   Cool things coming!



Pedazos  - J. Navarro  https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/pedazos---j-navarro.html



more  Chuck Bird and Susan Peters originals and arrangements.



BELIEVE ME IF ALL THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/believe-me.html

CHRISTMAS CAROL MEDLEY NO. 2  https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/christmas-carol-medley-2.html

CHRISTMAS CAROL MEDLEY NO. 3  https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/christmas-carol-medley-3.html

DIXIE              https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/dixie.html

HEY MISTER FINKEY    https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/hey-mister-finkey.html

JOSHUA FOUGHT THE BATTLE OF JERICHO https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/joshua-fought-the-battle-.html

MY MELANCHOLY BABY    https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/my-melancholy-baby.html

WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME   https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/when-johnny-comes-march.html

WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN   https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/when-the-saints-go-march.html

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