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Floor harps Photo Album

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from left to right

picture     1.  New model Lyon & Healy 34 string Drake.  23. pre-owned Mark Bolles  Markwood harp     3.  Clement cross wire   4  Clarke harp    5 pre-owned Triplett 30 string Nino - fiberglass back with baby animal print  6.  Pre-owned Argent Fox 36 string Lady Laurie   B to B     7 Kortier midi harp pre-owned.  8.  pre-owned Swanson 40 string pedal tension harp.   9.  pre-owned Lyon & Healy Troubadour II


......more harps to be listed


We also carry and can order new harps from Argent Fox, Dusty Strings, Lyon & Healy, Noteworthy, Salvi, 

and Triplett Harps.