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The Michigan Harp Center carries many different types and styles of harps.

 * New

 * Pre-loved


*  Pedal     https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/pedal-harps-photo-album.html


*  Floor  (lever -  diatonic and chromatic)    https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/floor-harps-photo-album-.html

*  Lap   (lever  -  diatonic and chromatic)    https://www.michiganharpcenter.com/lap-harps-photo-album.html


One of the favorite sections is the store's collections of historical harps.  While most are not up for sale, you may make an offer and have your own piece of harp history.


New harps are available from these makers

*  Argent Fox

*  Dusty Strings

*  Lyon & Healy

* Noteworthy

*  Salvi

* Stoney End

*  Triplett


Do you know about are harp rental program available to Michigan residents?   2 - 4 months of rent can be applied to new lever harps from the above list.   Prefer a pre-loved harp?  On a case by case basis, some rent can even be applied to those.    Interested in a pedal harp?  Yes, you can even rent a lever harp and have some credit apply to a pedal harp.