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Instructional Material



26.95  On Playing the Harp   Yolanda Kondonassis



35.00  Harp Olympics  Preliminary Round by Susann McDonald and Linda Wood Rollo

35.00  Harp Olympics One

35.00  Harp Olympics Two

35.00  Harp Olympics Three

35.00  Harp Olympics Four    (older style cover-  30.00 if new cover) 




 8.00   A Harpists's Survival Guide to Glisses    Kathy Burndock Moore

25.00  Thumbs Up!  



15.00  3's a Chord   (special sections for lever and pedal harp)

15.00  Clever Levers   -  harmonic exercises for advanced lever harpists



 5.95   Conditioning Exercises         Carlos Salzedo

 9.50   The Harpist's Daily Dozen     Salzedo

18.99  Method for the Harp                Lucile Lawrence and C. Salzedo

16.99  Modern Study of the Harp      Salzedo

17.95  Pathfinder to the Harp            Lawrence/Salzedo

18.95  The Art of Modulating              Salzedo/Lawrence



 7.00  The Jazz Chord Finder   (sheets)   Verlene Schermer

 20.00  Cool Chords & Groovy Rhythms  by Verlene Schermer    Arranging for Lever Harp in Modern Styles

This book covers the cool chords that go "beyond and between" the triads used in traditional styles of music, and modern rhythms that "groove". The minimal chord in jazz is a chord made of four tones - usually a seventh chord, such as Cmaj7, Dm7, and G7. These are used extensively in pop as well. But beyond the 7's are 9's, 11's, sus4's and 13's that can add even more of a modern jazzy sound to any melody. The rhythms used in modern styles vary from syncopated rhythms to "swing eighths" to a rockin' "four on the floor". Jazz introduces the element of swing, and the Brazilian influence within the jazz genre brings us straight eighths with lots of syncopation. Exercises, examples, and assignments are given for each element presented in order to provide the tools for making modern-sounding arrangements using popular songs, traditional tunes, or your own compositions. 80 pages.   ($20.00) 

15.00  Vocal Mechanics  - A Look Under the Hood       Book/CD





15.00  Rainbow of Sound     Book One  (Treble Clef)   Christina Tourin

15.00  Rainbow of Sound    Book Two   (Bass Clef)

15.00  Rainbow of Sound   Book Three

15.00  Rainbow of Sound    Book Four

15.00  Rainbow of Sound    Book Five  (Learning to Improvise and Compose)




15.95  Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp

19.95  Music Theory and Arranging Techniques for Folk Harps


Cross Strung Harp


15.00  Jazz Chord Voicing Library for Cross-Strung Chromatic Harp    Verlene Schermer

This book is part of a series of books for the cross-strung chromatic harpist for playing and arranging tunes using jazz theory.   This book is a jazz chord voicing library, and can be used to find the notes in a chord that you may find in a jazz “fake book” or to find some cool jazz substitutions for your own arranging and composing. There is an introductory chapter that discusses the concept of voicing and gives useful tips on how to use the library.  53 pages.