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Johanny Navarro
Pedazos   (J. Navarro)



Video is first page of Pedazos (computer generated).   Book contains three different keys. Original written in four flats for pedal harp.  Transposed to key of E flat and key of D to fit lever harps.  There are no lever or pedal changes during this piece. 

You may listen to it in its entirety by clicking here:    https://soundcloud.com/johanny-navarro/pedazos

Pedazos by Johanny Navarro     $10  pedal or lever harp    

Pedazos is a polithematic piece where small motifs are united by the mystic sound of the harp. The motifs are presented and develop one after the other highlighting distinctive influences, textures and colors. Despite all the ideas exposed, the musical narrative is constant and assertive.   With transparent and minimalist structure, Pedazos, has made possible the access to the extended techniques of the harp. The aggressive hits and the tenders passages are amazingly combined to create a piece with unique identity and proper character. 

Originally written for pedal harp in the key of A flat.   Transcribed into key of E flat suitable for 34 string lever harps tuned to E flat ad key of D suitable for 34 strings lever harps tuned to C.

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Pedazos (Johanny Navarro)