Lap Harps Photo Album


Lap harps



1.  StoneyEnd Esabelle 6/6 cross strung

2.  walnut  StoneyEnd Evensong 26  new   SOLD,    Evensong with cherry wood arriving soon

3.   NEW Salvi Delta -  electric harp with FREE stand ($549 value)

4.  pre-owned  Camac "baby blue"   electric harp

5.  Argent Fox pocket harp

6.  pre-owned Catherine Campbell bray harp

7  pre-owned 22 string Eve by StoneyEnd

8.  pre-owned Argent Fox cross strung Brother Benjamine  maple wood.  case included

9.  pre-owned Argent Fox cross strung Brother Benjamine walnut wood

10.  Argent Fox Satchel harp

11. Pre-owned Salvi Delta - electric harp   

12.  Pre-owned Triplett 22 string Zephyr