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Meyer Sonata II


Score plus booklets:  total pages 89


This piece is an accompanied sonata, a form that was popular in Meyer's time but is now largely forgotten. The accompanied sonatas
were written for harp or a keyboard instrument plus flute or one or more bowed instruments. The roles of the instruments were reversed from the modern standard: the harp or keyboard is the soloist and the other instruments provide the accompaniment. Their parts usually consist of doubling lines in the solo part. Indeed, many accompanied sonatas may be played equally well with or without the accompanying instruments.
This sonata by Meyer takes the form to a more advanced level. The string quartet often does more than merely double what the harp is playin g. Sometimes, as in the first movement, measures 17 through 20,there is a dialogue between the harp and first violin. The last section of the second movement consists of a recapitulation of the movement's themes by the strings while the harp plays an elaborate accompaniment of broken chords. In the third movement, measures 45 through 58, the first violin and harp play in delicate counterpoint, with the second violin providing a drone accompaniment.


Meyer Vivace pg28